19 Feb 2013


Check out the Forum for an important message about how Regional Settings under Windows 7 can affect the T4T installation process.

11 Aug 2010

Office 2010 and Windows

Until further notice, we cannot guarantee that T4T tools will work in Office 2010 running under Windows. It is possible that Microsoft may have changed some VBA coding conventions. We are investigating. If you have a working configuration that runs T4T tools, please keep it until we release new versions. Thank you for your understanding.

31 May 2010

Word security settings

In response to repeated requests for instructions on how to change Word’s security settings (sometimes necessary to install a T4T tool on Windows computers), we have added a file named T4T-WMS that can be accessed from the Downloads list. Macintosh users do not need this. It is a zipped Excel file containing screenshots.

8 Apr 2010

New feature in T4T-GLO

You can now tell GLO not to ask you for target-language strings when working in the one-sided mode. This allows you to build a glossary simply by repeatedly selecting terms or phrases in your source document and pressing ESC to make the glossary addition. So you can save the translation work for later and do it in Word.

28 Mar 2010


We’ve had several prospective users ask about the speed of S&R (and SRT). My biggest TM (for fund prospectuses) is a tabulated sentence glossary with 540,000 characters for 2405 entries. It loads to RAM and sorts in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Another large glossary (environmental engineering) contains 4935 SL/TL entries and weighs in at 488 KB. It takes 2 minutes to load and 90 seconds to sort. This is on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macintosh with 4 GB of memory.

5 Mar 2010

T4T-TBT Version 1.11

We have added a new function to this useful little tool: it can now extract footnotes from a Word document and exports them to the left-hand column of a two-column table in a new Word document. As you all know, T4T-SRT can process 100% match footnotes as well.

17 Jan 2010

Still kicking – and Happy New Year!

Just a short note to tell you what’s been going on since the last post:
We are currently testing a version of T4T-SPP that processes the notes section of PowerPoint presentations. A limitation of T4T-SRT regarding glossary size has been fixed. Version 2.39 will be released soon. A new discovery for Mac users: if you have a FileMaker application and launch it before you launch Word, your product ID may change, making your unlock codes invalid. Version 1.10 of T4T-TBT now exports text boxes AND text frames into a separate Word document. More later.

3 Aug 2008

New T4T-EXW beta

An extended and enhanced version of T4T-EXW is available for selective beta testing. It extracts all text from Excel worksheets, creates a table glossary in Word with the source language in the left-hand column (target language column empty),. When the user has added the target language, T4T-EXW will overwrite the source text cells in the Excel file with the target language strings. It can handle multiple worksheets both in the extract and translate modes. Please contact us if you’re interested in testing it. We need users of different OS/Office combinations and will supply the installer as well as a multi-worksheet Excel file and a partially completed glossary. Free unlock codes for beta testers, of course.

25 Jul 2008

Runtime error 9

We’d like to know if any T4T users have been confronted with a "Runtime error 9" situation. Please send us an e-mail indicating your operating system and the version of Microsoft Office you are using. For information on what this error is and how to correct it, check out this link: runtime

19 Jul 2008

Forum online again

Because of a vulnerability in a plug-in, the blog and forum were hacked on February 16, 2008. Everything is back online on a new host server, thanks to Hans Ruopp’s much appreciated help. The shop was never compromised.

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